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Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse

Wisconsin Nursing Home Neglect

The two primary types of nursing home claims that require legal assistance are cases involving nursing home negligence or cases involving nursing home abuse.

Negligence claims arise when the nursing home staff unintentionally provides inadequate care or maintenance. This staff may include the doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, therapists, or even administrators. In each case involving nursing home negligence it is necessary to hire an expert to conclude that the staff violated their particular standard of care. There are several state and federal guidelines which require nursing homes to provide a clean and safe living environment. These guidelines also require the nursing home to provide adequate supervision. The staff also must follow the doctor's orders. Any failure of the staff to fulfill their duties can give rise to a cause of action by the harmed patient.

Due to the growing number of elderly adults in the U.S., the number of nursing home abuse cases has risen dramatically in recent years. Nursing home abuse claims most commonly involve bed sores, broken bones, malnutrition, physical abuse, verbal abuse, or financial violations. Nursing home abuse claims should also be pursued via proper authorities. The Wisconsin legislature requires each county to provide an elder abuse reporting authority to investigate potential abuse claims.

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